Saturday, April 30, 2011

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor (Books 1-3) by Lori Foster

     When You Dare (Book 1), Trace of Fever (Book 2), and Savor the Danger (Book 3) are all part of this series called Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor. These books do not have to be read in order, or even together, because each story stands on its own. However I couldn’t get away from the series as a whole and decided to do a review centered on all three. I won't include a synopsis of each one, but I did include the covers (which are gorgeous by the way). Yes, there is nothing I do not love about this series. 
The characters in these books are amazing. Dare, Trace, and Jackson are all very different men and yet they have a certain pull that makes them great together. They are friends, coworkers, and brothers. They are all strong and unique in their own ways. I honestly cannot pick a favorite because each has qualities that pull you in. Dare is the more bold, solid, serious type of character. Trace is smart, daring, and ruthless. Jackson is blunt, crazy, and dashing. These characters are real. They all share the characteristics of being a hero. When Molly, Priss, and Alani are pulled in the middle of a world they should never see, these men do everything in their power, and beyond, to protect those they care most about and right the wrongs of the world. 
These men will push the limits. They will fight hard and fast. They will pull you in and never let you go. When each one of them meets the woman of their dreams, I honestly can’t even begin to explain the challenges and romance that each go through. What is it they say, “The tougher they are the harder they fall”? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed them “falling” in each one of these books. 
Lori never disappoints. Her stories are full of life, reality, and action. Her characters, whether male or female, are strong individuals you can relate to. They step off the pages and take a seat in your room, telling you their stories themselves. This is by far one of my favorite series’. The story is exceptional, the characters are breathtaking, and the only bad thing about reading these books is that they eventually end. Thank you Lori for making me forget my responsibilities and lose hours of sleep! You make it worth it! 
When You Dare - May 2011
Trace of Fever - June 2011
Savor the Danger - July 2011

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